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Blend Images, LLC
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Rick Leckrone
rick [at]
888.721.8810 x1
702.808.3182 (mobile)

Sarah Fix
VP of Creative
sarah [at]
888.721.8810 x2

Jasmine Hartsook
VP of Marketing
jasmine [at]
888.721.8810 x3

Brock Jones
VP of Sales
brock [at]
888.721.8810 x4


Theresa Dellegrazie
Direct Sales Lead
theresa [at]
888.721.8810 x9

Jim Doherty
Senior Photo Editor/Art Director
jim [at]
888.721.8810 x8

Jennifer Engel
Royalty and Channel Manager
jennifer [at]
888.721.8810 x7

Stacey Lester
Distribution Manager
stacey.lester [at]
888.721.8810 x6

Jerome Montalto
Submission and Content Manager
jerome [at]
888.721.8810 x5